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corona-cation blog

I have seen the word "Corona-cation" all over social media.

This new word portrays a lighthearted view of the Stay At Home orders and is being repeatedly used along with numerous photos of families engaged in fun activities together. To be honest, the first few times I saw it, it offended me.  I viewed it as insensitive, considering all the hardships people around me have been facing.  This is not a vacation.  People are dying, prisoners are isolated away from any family contact, and our economy is tanking.  Surely the right term for this chaos is Corona-geddon, not Corona-cation.

The struggles you are facing are at an all-time high.  

Between losing visits and losing jobs, peace is getting harder and harder for you and your loved one to find.  Your journey was a long, lonely walk in the desert, now it is like being in a monsoon on a deserted island.  It takes everything you have to hold onto your sanity as anxiety and worry beat down your peace every minute of every long day since the shutdown. Vacation is the last word you would use to describe what you are crawling through every day.  End-of-the-world-as-you-knew-it is what is happening in your family; Corona-geddon.

covid-19 blog

Over the past few days, I had an epiphany...

This experience is whatever you make of it.  If you decide that this is a time to play and thus avoid the struggles of life, it is a vacation for you.  If you decide it is the end of the world, then it is a dark and frightening time for you.  Neither is a good place to stay.  Naturally, these are challenging times, and it is easy to let fear or avoidance take over. When you succumb to either fear or avoidance, you give up control over your life.  The best thing you can do right now is to stay the course.  Keep moving toward your dreams and your goals. Do not let them slip away. You will need to fight harder than ever before to keep building your new legacy.  Do not let go of your dreams.

Corona-geddon and Corona-cation are both huge distractions for you.  

You must keep alert and keep your guard up to avoid being sucked up into either vacuum. Instead, continue to practice steadiness, perseverance, and courageousness.  Those are the attributes that will get you through this trial and prepare you for your future.  I know the whole world is crumbling down around you.  You must then continue to stand firm, boldly facing your fears and holding your course toward your dreams.  Thus do not let the craziness distract you.

As the days pass, we are hearing about more and more cases of COVID19 inside of the prisons. Stay vigilant in protecting yourself against anxiety that will paralyze you.  Avoid falling into the trap of the mindsets of either Coraon-cation or Corona-geddon.  It is a virus that cannot steal your vision nor your passion.  Stay alert, stay focused, and then stay healthy.

I am rooting for you!