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For some time now, emotional intelligence has been a popular term floating around the internet..

in classrooms, and at the water cooler. But, is this just a passing fad or is there really more to it? According to The Gottman Institute (The Institute), “A particularly powerful study tested school-aged children on self-control and conducted follow-up studies on those children in their 30s. The study demonstrated that self-control predicted success better than IQ, socioeconomic status, and family environment. Those children high in self-control were also healthier, made more money, and were less likely to have criminal records or trouble with alcohol.”

To me, that’s a pretty compelling bit of evidence. At least enough to perk my ears up to the consequences of not being cognizant of how emotional intelligence might be affecting my children. It turns out that this could be a huge missing link in how successful or challenged our kids are in both their early and adult lives.

The Institute also states, “While the world has been focused on academic achievement in childhood, emotional self-regulation has been largely ignored.” In my book, it’s worth taking a little deeper dive into the role our emotions play.

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Dr. Gottman, world-renowned relationship and parenting expert and founder of The Gottman Institute, has conducted over 40 years of research, earning him numerous major awards. According to The Institute, “Dr. Gottman’s research shows children of parents who emotion coach are physically healthier, do better in school and get along better with friends.”

He also provides five easy-to-follow steps to help children with their emotions. To learn these five basic steps in four minutes or less, click here.



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