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Spending Easter Weekend with Your Family

Easter weekend is right around the corner, and TYRO has got you covered with some great ways to celebrate this holiday with your loved ones. There are so many different activities to partake in with your family during Easter that will bring out the spirit of this wonderful holiday.

Easter Egg Hunt

Of course, we must talk about Easter egg hunts with your family first. There are two main options you can choose when deciding how you want to structure Easter egg hunts with your family, inside or outside hunts. Personally, I prefer inside hunts because they can tend to be much more challenging since there are usually more hiding places inside of your house. However, if the weather is great and your yard has a lot of good spots to hide those small round presents that pop open, then choosing to do your hunt outside can be a better option for you and your family. Make sure the Easter Bunny remembers where they hid their eggs though, because you may end up not being able to find some if the hiding spots are just that good!

Easter Egg Coloring

Coloring Easter eggs can get messy, but the fun experience and wonderful memories created outweigh the mess made. There are so many ways you can color your eggs, with many stores selling templates to do different designs, stickers to put on eggs along with your colorful designs, and it’s even possible to draw whatever you can fit onto your eggs! Every year, Easter egg coloring became more exciting than the last because it felt like I was becoming more creative with my designs as I grew up. It’s something you don’t want your family to miss out on each year.

Easter Baskets

Sometimes I think of Easter as a mini-Christmas or birthday, and that’s mainly because of Easter baskets. I’m so excited to come home to a basket filled with so many kinds of Easter candies, little toys and gifts, sometimes even small gift cards or movies too! It seemed like there was always something new in my basket each year, which was accompanied by lots of candy and other small but cute Easter surprises and goodies. Each family member can make a basket for another family member, or even multiple baskets for multiple family members if you want to!

Volunteering and Donating

With Good Friday and Easter Monday making a four-day weekend for many people, there’s plenty of time to spend one of those days giving back to help celebrate this wonderful holiday. Take a trip down to a local food shelter or homeless center and spend some time helping out those in your community who may need the extra food, shelter, or people in their lives to keep them going.