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Budget Friendly Spring Activities

make a family garden

The long-awaited season is here. As spring shakes off its cold predecessor, many families have the itch to get outside and experience the season. 

Go to a museum

As most cities offer museums, it is the perfect opportunity to combine learning with family time. Some museums offer activities around holidays and seasons, so be sure to look up your local options.

Find a beach

A day trip to a beach is a great inexpensive way to experience the great outdoors. However, depending on where you live, a beach may not be a realistic destination. If that is the case, find a nearby park that has opportunities for your family to play. 

Make a family bird feeder

A bird feeder is a great way to change the environment of your yard. Bird feeders invite friendly birds and will change the landscape of your yard. Not only is making a bird feeder a great opportunity to build something as a family, it is a gift that keeps giving. The longer you have a filled bird feeder in your yard, the more birds will be attracted to your home.

Take a bike ride

Children, regardless of their age, can enjoy a bike ride. In addition to a great exercise, it can be an inexpensive opportunity to get outside and connect as a family. If your child has not yet learned how to ride a bike, there are many inexpensive kits you can put on bikes that serve as training wheels. 

bird feeder family activities

Have a scavenger hunt

There are many forms of scavenger hunts. You can collect Easter eggs or make a list of things to find in your local park such as “find a pinecone”, or “collect an oak leaf”. These adventures are perfect for your family, extended family, or for a community get-together. 

Start a garden

Gardens are a great way to get your family outside and involved in creating something. Whether it’s a few plants in pots or an entire garden, gardening is a fulfilling and rewarding activity. Planting a garden as a family also instills responsibility and will give your children a sense of accomplishment that will motivate them to become caretakers in life. 

Take your family camping 

For many families, camping is a long-awaited part of the season. Camping provides the opportunity to bond as a family, explore the great outdoors and get away from the rush of life. For more tips on camping as a family, read this article

Find a splashpad

Splashpads are free parks that offer a variety of fountains, sprinklers and water-based toys for children to enjoy. The trend of splashpads is one of the fastest growing fads local towns are creating. For younger children, a splashpad is a perfect way to cool down and burn off some energy. 

Watch the stars

Stargazing is not only relaxing, it can be a great opportunity to get your children interested in science and help them see the vastness of our universe. Many cities have planetariums, which will help get your family to discover the constellations and appreciate the cosmos. 

Connecting as a family can be one of the most important ways to grow together. From daily excursions to planned family activities, there are more opportunities than you may realize to have fun as a family. Don’t let the busyness of life prevent you from connecting as a family.