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Summer Family Time

With summer break right around the corner, kids across the country are ready to relax and enjoy their break with friends and family. With so much free time on their hands, your kids are ready to spend their days outside in the sun, and there are many activities for you to enjoy with them as their parents. Let’s look at some of the best summer activities to partake in with your children in 2022.

Sunset Walks

Taking some time out of your evening to go on a beautiful walk in your local neighborhood, park, or just around your house is such a relaxing way to finish off your day. With the right weather and clear skies, seeing the sunset can sometimes be one of the most beautiful things you’ll ever see, brought to you by Mother Nature herself. 


Almost every child wants to go to their local pool or waterpark over the summer. Waterparks have so much to offer for your kids, and it can truly be such a unique experience going there during their summer break.


With the water warming up and rainy days ahead, spring and summer are the best seasons to go out and catch some fish with your kids. It’s a great learning experience for any child who’s never been fishing before and can even be a learning experience for yourself if you haven’t gone fishing in a while or have never been fishing yourself either.

Farmer’s Market

Taking a trip down to your local farmer’s market with your children is a great family activity to partake in this summer! Farmer’s markets usually have some of the best produce you can find, simply because they are so freshly grown and come straight from the farm! 

Model Rockets

Local hobby stores or companies online have model rockets that you can build with your children, or there are pre-built ones you can find as well. It’s a fun activity to spend time painting and building a rocket with your children. When it’s finally ready to be fired into the sky, go to an open field or very open space outside and let it fly! These are some of the best childhood memories I have with my father when I was growing up, and something I will want to do with my future children as well.