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Spring Activities for 2021


The weather is finally getting warmer again and the sun is starting to shine. Sometimes the dark and cold winter days can really impact our moods without even realizing it. Since it is now March, we can finally look forward to sunnier days. With the year 2020 and COVID-19, we can look forward to what lies ahead and actually enjoy the spring season. The spring season can energize us and enhance our mental health. The following are some simple activities to get some fresh air and enjoy the sunshine. 

Visit a farmer’s market.

Usually, the farmer’s market season opens around the springtime and lasts all throughout the summer. If your local community hosts a farmer’s market or if there is one nearby, go to support your local farmer. A farmer’s market is an opportunity to sample fresh produce and see fresh beautiful and colorful flowers. 


Have a picnic. 

Another fun activity to get some fresh air is to have a picnic. Visit a local park and pack a lunch with all of your favorite foods- sandwiches, fruit, chocolate. Grab a few blankets, a book, and bring a friend to enjoy good company with. Just the simple fact of enjoying some fresh air while eating can really boost your spirits. 

Plant a garden

If you enjoy going to the farmer’s market and eating fresh produce, try growing your own. Spring is the perfect season to try new things. Even if you are just growing something as simple as flowers, it is amazing to see the progress and results of something that just started out as a tiny seed. Gardening can be a great form of releasing stress. 

Get some exercise:

It never hurts to get outside and get some exercise in. This can be as simple as going on a walk or run. Just getting in 30 minutes of exercise can improve your mobility and your mental health. There are tons of resources to start the journey of exercise. TYRO FIT STHENOS is a great program that pushes you to your limits. The program is 8 weeks that includes a calendar for you to keep track of your progress. For more information, visit