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Staying Connected in 2022

The way we communicate digitally with one another has drastically changed in the past 10 years. Although these changes have brought many challenges, it has also improved but our ability to have person conversations for the better. TYRO is committed to created resources to strengthen families and leaders. Here are a few ways to help you stay connected with your loved ones in 2022.

Face-To-Face Communication

One of the most important aspects of communicating face-to-face is your body posture. Your posture is how you appear to someone. This will reflect how you may be feeling or how you may want someone to think you are feeling during a conversation. If your body is relaxed with an open posture, it will help you during a conversation. Positive body language can make the other person feel more comfortable, and is more likely to pay attention to you. Avoid crossing your arms or furrowing your brow. Gestures such as these can make you appear angry and unapproachable, which can lead to an unhealthy conversation with someone you love.

The tone of your voice significantly impacts how you appear to someone. If you sound tired or uninterested, then the conversation may not go well for you. However, if you sound energetic and engaged, then the conversation will go better.

Eye contact plays a significant role in your conversations. Keeping eye contact with someone shows them you’re focusing on the conversation.  This type of intentionality shows them you care about what they’re saying. Although eye contact is important when speaking to someone, it’s just as important when you’re listening to someone.

Speaking of listening to someone… Having listening skills during a conversation is equally important as talking skills. As you are practicing this skill, be sure you allow the other person to speak without interruption. Interruptions can come across as rude and disrespectful. Acknowledging what someone is saying while they’re speaking creates a safe place for co-operative conversation.

Digital Communication

Although there are many ways to stay connected, video calling someone over the phone is the closest way to communicate digitally. video calls allow for a visceral face-to-face experience. There are many third-party apps and software that allows for video calls. Video calls are quick and easy solutions to help you connect with your friends, family members, and coworkers.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2022, digital communication is more important than ever. These days we use our phones and computers to communicate with one another. Even though speaking digitally can sometimes be more challenging, it is often a necessary to communicate. For digitally calls, a a rule of thumb, keep your conversations more focused on small or shop talk. When more serious discussions are needed, try to meet face-to-face with the other person.