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Thanksgiving Day with COVID 19

Thanksgiving Day COVID19 Tyro Blog

Thanksgiving Day. A day spent eating comfort food, watching football, and of course spending time with family. Many families have different holiday traditions around this time of year. From backyard football, to breaking a wishbone, family Thanksgiving traditions express what they are thankful for. Whether you have a family tradition or not, this Thanksgiving day is going to look a little different than most years. The holiday season alone can be very stressful but 2020 has been nothing but stressful due to the global pandemic of COVID-19. With coronavirus cases increasing, many families may be questioning how they are going to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with their family. Regardless of the pandemic, there are ways to celebrate Thanksgiving this year. This may require us to start new family traditions. Here are some ways where you can still incorporate Thanksgiving amongst COVID-19.

1). Have a virtual dinner

With COVID cases rising, families may be unable to have their normal family get togethers. Some families are not able to see their loved ones in person due to social distancing rules. Hosting a virtual dinner is not only a low risk option, but it keeps the tradition alive by gathering around with your loved ones. You can use Skype or Facetime or Zoom to interact with your family over Thanksgiving dinner.

2). Host Thanksgiving Outdoors

While this may be considered a moderate risk, you can still be around family on a special holiday. By hosting a dinner outside, you are able to experience Thanksgiving while still keeping six feet apart.

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3). Personalize the Table

Maybe you have to spend Thanksgiving with your immediate family this year. One way to boost everyone’s moods is by personalizing the table. This is perfect for children as well. Have children create seating arrangement cards. Pinterest is fill of ideas to arrange the dining table to creative activities for kids. By personalizing the dining room and making a beautiful seating arrangement, it will be a Thanksgiving that your family will enjoy and remember.

4.) Go on a Walk

It’s always nice to get some fresh air after eating a huge meal. Going on a nice walk with your family is a nice way to embrace nature and also destress after a stressful day! Having walks together as a family is also a great opportunity to catch up and have positive conversations.

5.) Start a Journal

One holiday tradition that is very popular is starting a journal and passing it around the family. In that journal, write down one thing that you are thankful for. Each family can set the journal up in their own way, maybe write a favorite memory. Soon the journal will be filled with many things and you can look back on certain years in the upcoming future.

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6.) Put Up Your Christmas Tree

Due to how fast time is going, a lot of people are putting up their Christmas trees this year and celebrating the holidays a little early. After Thanksgiving, the holiday season is usually in preparation. Do not be ashamed of putting up your tree earlier than usual.

7.) Bake a Special Dessert.

It’s always fun to get the family in the kitchen together. Baking cookies is a fun activity for the children and the parents as well. There are many different kinds of desserts to make as well! Start a tradition of baking some kind of special dessert. Bake two batches of cookies and take them over to a loved one, such as Grandma to help spread the holiday cheer and some positivity.

While this Thanksgiving may look a little different in years past, always remember what is important: family and what you’re thankful for. With everything that has happened in the year 2020, it is important to show gratitude during this year as well