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The New Normal

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The outbreak of COVID-19 has changed the way we go about our daily lives.

Many of us face challenges with our jobs, education, communicating with friends/family and many other challenges. What we are seeing is the beginning of a new normal. So what exactly is the new normal and how can we thrive in it?


COVID-19 has caused a great deal of challenges for employees. A lot of us were asked to work remotely from home. Some people thrive naturally in this environment however, not everyone feels the same way. It can be difficult to work from home because there are a lot more distractions around you at all times. Whether it’s family, pets or just the temptation of your television/phone screens, working from home isn’t always easy.

Tip: Set up a distraction-free home-office.

Having a place to go with minimal distractions during your work hours can lead to greater productivity and efficiency in working from home.


Similar to working from home, students everywhere have had to transition to a virtual classroom setting. This can be incredibly difficult on students, especially when you have questions or if you’re more a hands on learner. It becomes even more difficult for those with internships or other situations that require them to be in person to truly learn. Students are using a variety of video calling services such as Zoom, Skype, WebEx, etc. to communicate with their teachers, professors, and other classmates which doesn’t always have the same effect as a real classroom.

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Tip: Set up a schedule for school work

Set designated hours for doing school work, whether it’s studying or doing homework. A set schedule will allow you to know when you need to be productive and still gives you plenty of leisure time.


With social distancing, it’s a challenge to communicate with our friends, family and other loved ones. Not being able to physically hangout or be with those we are close to can cause a lot of stress and emotional damage. We were born to socialize but that can become difficult when you’re trying to follow safety procedures.

Tip: Use video call services

It won’t beat being in person, but having days to just see your loved ones faces and have a virtual hangout can help a lot when you’re missing out on your regular social life.