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Tips for Parents with Toddlers


The terrible twos. A phase known as the way to describe the developmental stage of a two-year-old- outbursts of tears, temper tantrums, changes of moods and behaviors. When a child usually takes their first steps, this is most likely when this developmental stage will begin. Oftentimes, first-time parents have no idea what is in store during the toddler phase. The constant word no and temper tantrums can turn any first-time parent to a breaking point. Here are some tips for parents with toddlers. 

HALT- Hungry Angry Lonely and Tired. 

This is a phrase that can be very helpful when dealing with the terrible twos and toddlers that are falling apart. When your child starts to act up, try to reflect on this saying. Most of the time, the solution is usually one of these. Usually, when a child is worn out, they do not know how to communicate what they need. Never be afraid to offer a snack, hug or even just change the activity. 


Help them communicate with words. 

Once your child starts to speak, it is important to always, always practice words. Have your child use words for everything. The more they use their words, the better their language will be. Once they have a vocabulary and can say yes/no, have your child interact in conversation. Guide them when needed of course. When children use their words more, they will develop more vocabulary and learn how to have flowing conversations. 

Help them calm down. 

It is important to realize that temper tantrums for toddlers are normal occurrences. Use this as a teaching moment. Help them recollect their thoughts and emotions. Here are some simple ways to help a child calm down.

  • Count to 5.
  • Ask for a hug. 
  • Take a deep breath. 
  • Blow into hands.  

Know your child. 

As a parent, it is important to be aware of your child’s emotions and actions. It is important to know your child’s personality. Once you are aware of what makes your child tick and act out, you will most likely have an easier time disciplining. 

Look deeper. 

It is important to recognize your child’s actions as a parent. Sometimes outward actions are indicators of inward heart issues. Talk with your child and see if there is an issue. Another important factor is to look deeper within yourself. Sometimes the way a child acts can often be an indicator of the parent. The way that you act, your child will act. After all, you are your child’s biggest role model. 

Parenting is not an easy task. At the end of the day, being a mother or father is a job well deserving. You will get through this.