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Creating Family Time

making time for family

Every family has been faced with this challenge. From small families to large, all can agree that quality time together can be difficult to either create. The constant struggle to not only find, but to also make the most of time togetheris one of the most common challenges. Navigating each person’s unique schedule, interests, and wants can leave families feeling disconnected or distant. Now, more than ever, there is a need to be intentional about creating time with your family. 

Set aside consistent family time – As you consider what your family’s unique makeup is, think about how to best accommodate their busy lives and varying interests. For some families, this may look like Friday night board game night. For others, it may be Saturday morning breakfast. This family time is not indented to be a religious law but rather an opportunity for families to look forward to. 

Keep a family calendar – In the daily bustle, it can be easy to miss important dates in the lives of your family. One of the simplest ways to help your family stay connected is to get a family calendar. This calendar might hang on the fridge, or it might be an app that is shared across the family members. This calendar is an opportunity to practice intentionally participating in their lives and respective schedules as well. As time passes, you may notice that this type of intentionality will create a unique bond within your family.

family activities

Include your growing family – As your family grows, it will no doubt, affect your routines and traditions. When it comes to family time, it is important to adapt as a family. This may mean spending a little less time doing the same things you always do together. Keeping you family included means doing new things in order to include the interests of your growing family. Change can be scary, but it can also be very good. 

Practice family down time – Whether it’s a camping trip as a family, or a night at home with no plans, it’s important to occasionally slow down and enjoy time with each other. This experience of stepping away from the stresses and challenges of life can be incredibly healthy for your children. Don’t forget to slow down and practice family down time this month. 

Start a project together – Family projects not only unite the family towards a common goal, it can also build a sense of community and shared interests. From family gardens to a tree fort, starting a family project can unify and create a vested interest in the family. Remember that family projects do need not be complicated or costly in order to have a positive outcome. Taking the family to serve at a local food pantry or to volunteer at the local animal shelter can help your children see the world around them and begin to learn what it looks like to serve others. 

Make your family a priority – for grown ups, it can be tempting to overlook the small things your children say or do. From navigating endless household needs, to juggling your job and other responsibilities, family time can take a backseat. Intentionally investing into your family through activities, family dinner and the like can be one of the best ways to keep your family connected and growing together.