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Do it

tyro blog - catherine tijerina

There are three basic types of people: Doers, Thinkers, and Talkers.

tyro blog - do it
tyro blog – do it

A Doer is someone who does what they say they will do

Their life is full of action.  You can watch them tackle any project they take on.  If they say something, you can be confident that it will happen. They are direct. They don’t hold grudges. They don’t waste time complaining about what they don’t have, and they don’t blame others for their failures or mistakes.  I love doers!!

A thinker is someone who consistently contemplates taking action.

They think of all the things that should be done, need to be done, and how to do them.  But that is the end of that.  They never try to implement their ideas or solutions.  Now, don’t get me wrong here. Thinking is not a bad thing.  Thinking and planning are vital before acting.  It is thinking in the absence of any action that I am talking about.  Just having an idea – no matter how good of an idea it is – is not enough.  Thinking, thinking, and thinking breeds regret and disappointment.  You cannot live fully without trying, acting, doing.

Talkers are the hardest people for me to manage.

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Talkers always have an opinion, but never a solution.  I am referring to those people who can spot a problem, complain all day, and hold a grudge for years.  They are quick to say something, but the last ones to do anything.  Despair is lurking just beneath the surface.  They are the least confident of all, but they are the ones with the most words.  Although they have a lot to say, they never actually DO anything.  They are full of criticism, empty threats, and hot air. It doesn’t take long for people to figure out that Talkers are not reliable, dependable, or productive.

A couple of weeks ago, my 4-year-old niece was misbehaving.  Her mom corrected her several times, but to no avail.  My niece continued to ignore her mom and do what she wanted to do.  Finally, fed up, her mom warned her, “If you do not stop right now, you are going to get a spanking.”  My niece ran up to her mom and laughingly said, “Do it, Doer!”  Her response broke the tension, and her mom was able to get her to settle down without the spanking.

Since this incident, I cannot get that phrase out of my mind, “Do it, Doer!”  I am looking back at all of the years in my life that I was not a “Doer.” I was a talker – a complainer.  And it got me nowhere.  Actually, it moved me further and further from my dreams.  I couldn’t get my feet on solid ground because I wasn’t actually doing anything.  I was unhappy, but pretending that I was happy doing the bare minimum to make it through the day.

Thankfully, I was challenged to start DOING something.

I started small by doing little things that I had been neglecting in our home.  Then I moved onto doing more challenging things.  I quickly realized that if I was going to be taken seriously, I had to get busy.  No one was going to listen to or help me if all I ever did was talk about what should be done.  I had to actually take the risk and start doing it.

Not only did I have to become a Doer, I needed to start surrounding myself with Doers.  Today, I have an amazing network of Doers in my life.  These people inspire me, motivate me, and influence me to think outside of the box as I chase down my dreams.  If you want to achieve your dreams, do something every day.

“Do it, Doer!”  I hope that phrase stays stuck in your head as you face difficult or challenging situations.  Act, move, do what you say you will do.  Dreams are born in our minds, spoken out of our mouths, but accomplished through our efforts.  “Do it, Doer!” Let this be your new mantra and stop making excuses.

I am rooting for you!