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Doing Your Best

Doing your best

“Just do the best you can.” You’ve probably heard someone say this to you at some point in your life. But what does doing your best really mean? And why is it so important? The answer isn’t quite as simple as it may seem.

Your best can vary:

Normally when you think of your best, you think of quality. However, it’s that’s not exactly what doing your best means because your best can vary from day to day, or even moment to moment. This is because your best isn’t what someone else expects, it’s what your body can handle at that particular time. For example, when you wake up feeling well-rested and energetic, your best may be top-of-the-line quality but when you wake up feeling fatigued and low-energy, your best may look a little different. Understanding the difference between doing YOUR best and being THE best will help you have a better grasp on the subject. Do what you can with what you have and worry only about what you can control.

Doing your best

Live with no regrets:

One of the greatest things about doing your best is what it can do for you mentally. When you are always giving it the maximum effort you can expend, you will live life with no regrets. You won’t be worried about things you could have done differently, you won’t worry about what others say to you, and you won’t have to be worried about what could have happened if you had tried harder. Giving it all your body can handle in the moment allows you can escape the trap of living with regret.

Meet your goals faster:

Doing your best doesn’t always mean you’re going to succeed at what you’re doing, but it will help you become better and meet your goals faster. Think of doing your best like weight lifting. If you’re lifting what you’re comfortable with, your muscle will likely maintain their current strength. However, if you push yourself just a little bit whenever you’re lifting, your muscles will grow stronger because they are going past their limit. This is no different than putting in the maximum effort your body can afford. The more often you do your best, the quicker you will reach your goals in anything.

Improved confidence:

Speaking of what doing your best does for your mental health and improvement, you will greatly improve your confidence. When you’re giving it all you can, you will notice how you carry yourself a little differently. The days of just getting by are past you. You’re going to see results. You’re going to get better at whatever it is you’re doing. You will notice an overall improvement in your life and for that, you will become more confident.