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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

fathers day gift ideas

Why is it that dads are the hardest people to shop for? Whenever you ask what they want for Father’s Day, the answer is always, “nothing.” But you and I both know that they would like something, they just do not want us spending our money on them. They would rather have us spend the day with them, have a cookout, play games, and create memories; however, a gift that is well thought out will mean a lot to them. With that said, how do you choose the perfect gift that will bring a smile to their face, warm his heart, and maybe even shed a tear of joy? 

No one knows your dad better than you. You know what he likes, his favorite sports teams, what his hobbies are, etc… You have the ability to give him something no one else can. Even if you are mailing it to him because you do not live together anymore – Getting your dad a gift that reminds him of your connection will go miles!

celebrating fathers day

For example, when I first became a dad I couldn’t wait to hear my baby girl say “dada” or “daddy.” I worked with her every day trying to get her first word to be “dada.” I would overemphasize my mouth movements so she could see how to form the sounds. I would just sit there repeating dada, dada, dada over and over again hoping to hear her little voice say it back to me.

One day while I was at work I got a video text from my wife of my daughter saying her first word, “mama.” I was bummed and excited at the same time. My wife was extremely confident that her first words were going to be “mama” and she was right. You read that correctly – My wife was right and I was WRONG. It wasn’t much longer that I got to hear her say one of the greatest words – DADA!

Just hearing her say those words makes my day! Even when we are in the van and my wife and I are trying to have a conversation while our three kids are in the back yelling, MOMMY! DADDY! I love hearing their voices call me daddy.

As Father’s Day is quickly approaching, I wanted to give you some ideas on what to get your dad this year. Nothing too fancy, but more unique to your relationship. On Father’s Day, dads are looking to connect with their child. These gift ideas reflect the spirit of Father’s Day. 

Father’s Day gift Ideas:

Sunshine, laughter, and quality time together around the grill is always a great way to spend father’s day. A grill set 

The best part of waking up is a warm cup of coffee or tea! Upgrading your dad’s coffee/tea brewing set is a great gift – See Item

Help your dad organize his tools with this 2 pack tool holder. Great for garages, sheds, or storage closets – See organizer

Hanging out by the fire making s’mores and telling stories. With this portable fire pit, your dad can have a campfire anywhere – See campfire set

Another great gift for your Dad would be a survival kit. Check this out. It has everything someone would need to survive in the wilderness. – See Kit