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Fun Ideas for the Holidays

fun ideas for the holidays

It’s time of the year again.

The kids are on break from school, family is getting time off from work and your house is starting to look a little less spacious than you remember. Yes, the holidays can be stressful, but it’s a great opportunity to spend time with your family. Everyone loves to open their gifts Christmas morning, but what else can you do around the Holidays with those who matter to you most?

Family Dinner

Who doesn’t love a good feast? Invite the children, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents. If you don’t what to cook everything yourself, ask everyone bring a side dish. A good family dinner is always a great way to see everyone. Everyone gets to eat, talk and update everyone with what’s going on in their lives.


Secret Santa

Secret Santa is always a fun way to give and get gifts, without having to spend too much money. Everyone gets to draw a name out of a hat and give a small give to them. It’s less stressful and a much more inexpensive option than the traditional gift giving of the holidays.

Christmas Cards

Not everyone in your family may be photogenic. However, taking family photos and making Christmas cards can lead to some great memories. They can be themed (ugly Christmas sweaters), goofy, funny or even serious. The best part is, you’ll have photos and a fun memory for a lifetime.

family christmas cards

Make Tree Ornaments:

Putting up the Christmas tree every year can be a lot of work. Sometimes you wonder if it’s even worth the work of putting it up. But every year when it’s all said and done, we get to see how beautiful they look. The lights, the ornaments and the tree topper make it all worth it. Making tree ornaments with your family can be a blast and at a relatively cheap cost. Put your old pictures into small frames, decorate an ornament ball with glitter or permanent markers, cut out snowflakes from pieces of paper and so on. The options are endless and you’ll have new decorations for the tree every year.


While the holidays are typically for the family, you shouldn’t forget about your friends. Maybe a couple days before Christmas, or right after, get you and your closest friends together and have a celebration for yourselves. You can do a movie night, go out for dinner or any of the ideas mentioned above. Family is always important, but friendships matter too, so why not celebrate your friendships while everyone is in town.