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How to Stay Motivated

How to stay motivated Tijerina blog

This is a great article on staying motivated even when you cannot see immediate results.

“As humans, we are hardwired to seek and engage in activities that provide us instant gratification.”

As you move forward in pursuit of your dream, it’s important to recognize that you need to experience the gratification of accomplishment to bring balance to the effort of working toward a goal that is in the distance.

“Always celebrate small wins, no matter how small they are.”

This power phrase caused me to look back on our 15-year journey of incarceration. We are so grateful that we practiced celebrating the small victories along the way and never gave up. We decided to celebrate every prison visit, phone call, and anniversary for the remarkable achievements they were in our lives. Check out my post about creating lists to help get you started.

All the hard work and effort we put into building a stronger family, all the disappointments we had to overcome when the appeals were denied. I recall all the years we stood firmly that our family would make it even though everything around us screamed that we were doomed seem so distant now that others can see what we saw all along. Choosing to Keep our family together was worth the effort, and every minute spent moving toward the achievement of that goal was worthy of being celebrated!

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