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Living a Resilient Life

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Life has a way of bringing you bad news when you least expect it. Many times, when we are seemingly least prepared. Many people who are not prepared for hard times, or are met with a traumatic event can be thrown off by it. The reality is that all of us have faced hardships; those challenging moments in life that define us and make us who we are today. These hard moments require resiliency and fortitude to overcome. Resiliency is the overall strength to overcome hardships, manage emotions and reach success in life. So, how do you manage your emotions, overcome hardships, and reach your goals? We will share a few ways to help you discover the key to living a resilient life. 

Self-Regulation – Many people are so busy managing life they fail to take time and regulate their emotions. If left unchecked, your emotions can get the better of you. Self-regulation is the process of managing one’s emotions, and responding in an appropriate manner, without allowing one’s emotions to dictate their reaction to any given situation. For more about self-regulation, see this article.


Write Out Goals Each Year – Many people practice the age-old tradition of New Year’s Resolutions. But one thing many successful people do is one step further. Each year, take stock of your life, and write out goals to accomplish. Some of them may be small, such as losing ten pounds this year, or some may be lofty, like climbing Mount Everest. Big or small, goals create a blueprint for your future success. 


Keep Things Simple – We live in a fast-paced, instant results society. This can have many benefits but one of the consequences of this lifestyle is it can take a toll on those who fail to live intentionally. Many people instead are choosing to reduce their own stress by turning to simpler solutions. One solution, for example, is choosing to live a minimalist lifestyle. This means having less of everything. Less clothes, less waste and less trinkets.  

Embrace Your Community – Your connections are your most important assets in life. When you are going through a hard season in life it will be revealing about those around you. Will they come to your aid, supporting and encouraging you, willing to lend a helping hand? Having real connections with your friends, family, neighbors and a faith community are some of the most important ways to develop a support system capable of carrying you through hard times. 

Smile Often – Smiling is actually one of the best ways to live a healthy, happier life. When we smile, it not only releases serotonin to make us feel better, it also releases a natural pain killer and endorphins. All of these result in a happier person, more able to withstand the bumps that life undoubtedly will bring your way. 

smile often tyro blog

Mentor Others – Although it may seem counterintuitive, investing your time, energy and even resources can help you become more resilient. Not only does mentoring others increase your confidence and personal health, it can give purpose and meaning to hardships you have faced throughout life. Becoming a mentor can mean many things, but essentially, take time to help others without looking to benefit yourself. 

As you prepare yourself to live a more resilient life, consider your life story. What things in life, for better or worse, have defined you? Whether it was a positive moment or not, people have a way of overcoming hardships and becoming stronger through it. Like an athlete prepares for a competition, resiliency can be attained. Though it may feel like you have to fight for it, you can make it through life’s hardships all the better for it. Though you may carry a few battle scars, trials can make one wiser, stronger and more able to help others grow.