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Low-Cost Healthy Hobbies


Hobbies are what we like to do in our spare time. This means we can have both good and bad hobbies. Bad hobbies typically come from boredom. Boredom tends to make us want to just do whatever, because hey, anything beats being bored right? Well, not exactly. Being bored can be compared to your mind playing tricks on you. You will want to jump at the opportunity to do anything just because it may cure your boredom, even if it’s just for five minutes. Think of how many times you’ve eaten junk food purely out of boredom or how many times you’ve decided to start drinking just because you were bored. Boredom is poisonous. However, there is an antidote: healthy hobbies. It’s time to start replacing your bad hobbies, with healthy ones. Here is a list of some you can install into your life today.


Reading is a relatively low-cost and entertaining hobby to have. There are tons of books on Amazon that you can download as an e-book, or have delivered to you within a week, all of which are usually much cheaper than your local book store. However, Amazon isn’t your only option to get books. You can try your local library as well! Oftentimes, a membership at your local library will offer library cards free of cost, or at a very low price. Getting your library card will give you access to loads of books on just about any topic you could be interested in. But you’re probably wondering, why reading? Well, reading is a healthy way to cure your boredom. Reading can hit on all the things a good, healthy hobby should be. It can provide entertainment, knowledge, personal growth, and much more. Remember, many people in this world can’t read, don’t take your ability to do so for granted.



Exercising is another great way to replace your bad hobbies with good ones. The best part is, there is a wide variety of ways you can start exercising today. Gym memberships can be expensive and costly, although planet fitness is only $10 a month if there is one located near you. There are also online exercises too. TYRO FIT STHENOS is a great option and has a one-time payment for unlimited access. It’s also taught by former NFL player, Tramain Hall. However, these are not your only options either. There are tons of free YouTube videos available for simple at-home exercise routines. You can do things like yoga, bodyweight exercises, lifting, running, CrossFit, and much more. Exercise is good for your mental and physical health and with the various low-cost ways you can practice it, there’s no excuse not to try.

Learn a new language:

One of the best hobbies you can try out is learning a new language. This a great way to not only expand your mind but have something incredible to put on your resume too. Many employers love a candidate that can speak two or more languages. It’s an awesome way to help separate yourself from other candidates. Not only is it a great resume booster and way to expand your mind, but it’s also entirely possible to do it for free. There are tons of YouTube videos that will help you learn a new language. You can also pair this hobby up with getting your library card, which will give you access to tons of language learning books and DVDs. If you want something that is a little more guided, try out Duolingo, which is a free language learning app that you can download to your phone or computer.


Sometimes we need a good hobby that can help us relax. While reading is certainly one of these, the best hobby to have to relax is meditation. Much like the other options on this list, meditation can be a cheap or completely free hobby to have. With a wide variety of videos online for guided meditation, tons of free apps you can download right to your phone, it’s easy to start practicing meditation. If it being low-cost/free wasn’t enough to convince you, meditation takes up very little of your time. There are 5, 10, 15, 20, 30-minute meditation routines, so you can dedicate however much time you want towards it. Just remember, a longer meditation doesn’t always mean better. Dedicate whatever time you can for it. Embrace the relaxation of it and enjoy your new healthy hobby.