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More Gift Ideas For Inmates

gift to a loved one in prison

How to find the perfect gift for a loved one in prison

Finding the right gift for your husband when he is locked up is a challenge like no other.  Ron was in prison for 15 years, and every holiday I agonized over what to get for him.  I had to be super creative and do a ton of investigative work to find gifts for him.  It was stressful at first, but then it turned into an adventure!

My sons and I would spend a few minutes writing down what we thought Daddy needed. 

Then, I would get to work finding out if he could GET anything on our lists.  Most of the time, we had to generate a couple of lists before we identified a gift he could receive.  It was always fun to discover what idea was going to be the winner!

ron tijerina write letters to husband in prison

I have blogged about gifts for prisoners before, but because it is an ongoing challenge, I feel compelled to share more gift ideas. If you are struggling to find that “perfect gift” for your loved one, check out this list:

  1. A tablet.  I did put that as number one because this is the BEST gift you can give to someone who is locked up.  If the institution offers tablets (and many of them do), this is a perfect gift.  Not only will they love receiving the tablet, but it also opens up dozens of more gift-giving opportunities.  With their tablet, they can rent movies, purchase apps for self-help, educational, and fitness programs, buy music, and much more.  A tablet is truly a gift that keeps on giving!
  2. Noise Cancelling headphones.  These are another perfect gift.  With headphones, they can watch their TV, listen to music, or just shut out the disturbing sounds of prison.  Noise-canceling headphones are a great choice.
  3. Subscriptions.  Now, you have several options to purchase subscriptions.  You can buy magazine subscriptions that are delivered via regular mail, online subscriptions on the tablets, or book club subscriptions.
  4. Work-out gear.  Working out is another excellent way to get his mind off the intense pressure of living in prison.  Not only will he feel better physically, but he will also feel better emotionally and mentally with exercise.

I promise that as new ideas for gifts pop up, I will post them on my blog so you will not run out of options for presents 😊

I am rooting for you!