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Scary Moments

overcoming scary monents

Your perspective dictates your actions

If you see the world as out to get you, you will feel victimized when things don’t go as planned.  Things are not always what they appear to be.  If you are not willing to be challenged to see the world differently, you will keep doing what you have always done.  Change is hard.  Changing habits is even harder, and changing the way you see the world is the biggest challenge you will face.

If we let them, our past experiences will dictate our future actions. Fear is the biggest thief of your present. Fear will steal your time, energy, and peace.  It will stop you from setting and reaching your goals by convincing you that something terrible is about to happen.  When you believe that something awful will happen, you stop everything and focus all of your energy on the possible threats that your imagination insists are real. My battle is my fear of small animals in my house.

I don’t hate many things, but I do hate critters who come inside. 

Over the years, I have had mice, birds, bats, and snakes find a way into my home.  I have a memorable critter moment for each house I have lived in over the years.  None of those moments were pleasant.  I have even had critter encounters on vacations and in the prison visiting room.  If I didn’t know better, I would think they were stalking me and mocking my irrational fear of them.

The truth is, I know I should not be afraid of the animals that find their way into my house. Knowing I shouldn’t be scared is not enough to stop me from freaking out when I see one.  I have screamed, jumped over people, onto people, and even lifted someone by their throat to move them out of my way as I rushed to the door.  It is embarrassing.  It is ridiculous.  And it is humiliating.

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After we found a Gardener Snake in our basement, I vowed that I would never let a strange animal control my actions again. 

I decided that I was old enough, brave enough, and smart enough to manage a little animal control if I had to in the future.  I was resolute that I would not let myself be moved by fear anymore.  That worked for two years.  Well, we didn’t have an animal find its way into our house for two years, but I felt totally prepared to handle it should it occur.

I thought I was ready, but I discovered I was not! One night, I was cooking dinner and splattered some sauce on my fridge.  I wiped it off and noticed something move under the refrigerator.  I jumped and sprinted to the living room.  After ten minutes, I worked up enough courage to creep back into the kitchen and look to see if it was still there.  It was.  I saw a long, thick, dark tail protruding out from underneath my refrigerator.  It had to be a snake! I ran back into the living room.  I grabbed my phone and called Ron. 

Frantically, I explained the situation and begged him to come home right away! 


He had a long stick, gloves, and a flashlight.  He looked very professional and was prepared to capture whatever was under there.  Quickly, he peered down to get a better look and slowly moved forward.  The suspense was killing me! I imagined that a huge snake was going to slither out and attack.  Before I could stop it, a scream escaped my mouth.  I jumped, Brandon jumped and darted back. “What did you see?” he asked.  I had to admit that I didn’t see anything- I imagined what might happen.  He was not pleased; I was embarrassed.

He couldn't come for over an hour. 

My heart racing, I called my son, Brandon. Thankfully, Brandon is an animal control specialist, so I knew he would know what to do.  The soonest he could come was 45 minutes.  I wanted to scream and run out of my house.  But I reminded myself to act rationally.  I calmed down and sat on the sofa in the family room, where I could monitor the reptile.  I needed to watch the snake in case it moved out from its hiding place.  It was the longest 45 minutes EVER!  Finally, Brandon arrived.

He slowly moved forward, closer and closer as he stretched out the stick.  “Aw, man!” he exclaimed as he reached down and picked up a knife.  Yes, a long-handled knife that had fallen between the appliance and my counter.  I stood staring at the knife, feeling completely humiliated.  I apologized and thanked Brandon for making the ½ hour trip out to my house.  Boy, did I feel dumb.  A knife had just ruined my evening. 

No, it wasn't the knife; it was my boundless imagination and fear...

I had let fear rule over me and divert me from my goal!  As I sat frustrated that I had just wasted hours running from a knife on my floor, I scolded myself for giving control to fear.  I have too much I want to accomplish to waste my time worrying about what MIGHT be hiding around the corner or what MIGHT jump out at me.  If something appears, I will face it and recover so I can move on.

What is holding you back from moving forward?  What is distracting you and keeping you from living up to your highest potential?  Stop letting fear dictate your reality and Face Everything so you can Recover and move on.

I am rooting for you!