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Overcoming Fear

beating fear tyro blog

Fear holds us back.

Regardless of our life experiences, we can fall prey to fear and its debilitating symptoms. Sometimes fear comes from things that have happened in our past and other times it can be caused by the uncertainty of the future. But letting fear win is not an option. With practice and the right mindset, we can overcome our fears and grow into stronger men and women.


It sounds simple, but we often forget the importance of just taking a few deep breaths. If you catch yourself getting worked up and find that your fears are taking over, stop what you’re doing and tell yourself to breathe. There are a variety of breathing techniques and exercises you can try until you find the one that works best for you.

overcoming fear tyro blog


Not knowing what your fear is exactly can make it worse. Take time to educate yourself on your fear. No matter what it is you may be fearing, heights, public speaking, open water, etc. there is likely a great deal of information on that fear. Someone else probably has the same fear. Taking the time to educate yourself on your fear may better help you understand it. The more you understand your fear, then the easier it will be to overcome it.

Face it:

This is probably the hardest part of overcoming our fears in life. To do a little dance with the fear itself. Moreover, this means to spend time around your fear. If you have a fear of heights, spend two or three minutes in an elevated place, like a hill or tall building. If your fear is public speaking, try talking in front of a small audience once a week. Thus there is always a way you can step up and spend time with your fear. It will be tough, it will be scary but in time, that fear will go away and you will become fearless through strength.