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Tag: Life

Start over

How to Start Over

Sometimes in life, we feel stuck. Not so much physically, but mentally. Almost as if we’re caught up in a routine that we don’t want to be anymore. Other times, we simply just recognize that we want to change our life. Perhaps we’re in a relationship that we no longer feel is healthy. The job we have…

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Structure Your Day

Time is precious, you want to optimize every moment of the day. There are a few things you should be doing to get the most out of every day and a few things you need to stop doing that are simply wasting your time.  Here are five ways on how to and how not to…

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how to attract great employees tyro blog

How to attract good people

Everyone wants to enjoy going to work in the morning. This is a basic human need, and if you aren't providing for that need, chances are you aren't attracting the best of your industry to your organization. To create a place for great employees, you must align your organization with these principles. In order to…

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addicted to stress tyro blog

3 signs you may be addicted to stress

When I was in college I began to develop many habits and patterns that set the course for my professional career. One of my staples were all-nighters prepping for finals and pouring over research papers. Fighting the exhaustion with energy drinks and pizza gave me the motivation to push through the stress. In some ways,…

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workplace bullying tyro leadership blog

Workplace Bullying

As kids we are taught to go after your dreams to chase them down and lasso them into our world. As a child, that is a nice sentiment, and can be a powerful motivation to overcome obstacles. Unfortunately, for some, chasing your dreams means overpowering and even bullying those who get in their way or…

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