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Tag: Self-care

Self-care for Parents

As parents, we love our children with all our hearts. We know there isn’t anything in the world we wouldn’t do to make their life better. Seeing them happy, makes us happy. However, parenting can be quite hectic. We often find ourselves getting caught up in all the craziness of taking care of our children…

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Start over

How to Start Over

Sometimes in life, we feel stuck. Not so much physically, but mentally. Almost as if we’re caught up in a routine that we don’t want to be anymore. Other times, we simply just recognize that we want to change our life. Perhaps we’re in a relationship that we no longer feel is healthy. The job we have…

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Structure Your Day

Time is precious, you want to optimize every moment of the day. There are a few things you should be doing to get the most out of every day and a few things you need to stop doing that are simply wasting your time.  Here are five ways on how to and how not to…

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Letting Yourself Be Happy

We all deserve happiness. Throughout life, we are constantly seeking ways to make ourselves happy. The problem is, it’s not always that simple. Life will throw a lot of curveballs at you. You will find obstacles that you have to overcome. One of those obstacles, and it’s a big one, is letting yourself be happy.…

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