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Handling your Emotions in a Healthy Way


Every day we deal with our emotions and feelings. Sometimes we’re having great days and other times our emotions just aren’t where we want them to be. This is perfectly natural. Where we usually fall victim to emotions is when we let them get the best of us. This is why we must learn proper and healthy ways to handle our emotions. Learning how to do this will allow you to understand yourself and what you’re feeling better so that you don’t say or do something you shouldn’t when you’re feeling emotional.

Be aware of them:

The first step to handling your emotions is being aware of them. Whether it’s something really good or really bad, be able to recognize when you’re an intense emotion. This will allow you to know how to proceed. If it’s a good emotion, then you’re safe to keep feeling it. If it’s a bad emotion, then you’ll want to follow the rest of these tips.

Express them:

Now that you’re aware of the emotion you’re feeling, it’s time to express it. This doesn’t mean if you’re angry to start yelling at someone or to take it out on someone else. That exact kind of expression is incredibly unhealthy. Instead, try one of the following techniques: journal your feelings or talk to a friend. Having a friend to lean on in situations like these is what makes certain friendships more special. The friend you decide to talk to should not be involved in the situation you’re dealing with, that way they can remain unbiased in their responses to you. Additionally, it should be a friend that you trust with all your heart and that you know will do their best to help you handle your emotions. However, if you don’t have a friend or someone else that you can trust with what you’re feeling, try to journal them. Journaling your emotions will allow you to write everything out. Sometimes that is all you need to bring yourself to a good state of mind and other times it will help you understand your emotions more clearly.


Try a mood booster:

A mood booster is an activity that you do to help put you in a better mood. This can be a range of things. Maybe it’s spending time with friends so that you can be busy and keep your mind off whatever it is you’re overthinking about. Sometimes it can be just watching a funny movie or video on YouTube. Everybody will have different mood boosters and different emotions will require different types of them too. If you try one and it doesn’t work, try another one. Play with your pets, spend time with your family, read one of your favorite books, listen to your favorite music, etc. There are tons of available options for mood boosters, you just have to find what ones work for your emotions.


Maybe you just need to spend a little time focusing on yourself. This means, to do some self-care. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your emotions, it isn’t always from some outside force. Sometimes, it’s because of chemical imbalances in your body. Some simple self-care techniques can be to eat something healthy, exercise, take a shower, drink some water, etc. If none of these work, then try to just simply relax. Take a nap, meditate, or close your eyes for a few minutes. Sometimes you just need to hit the reset button or recharge for a few minutes before you tackle your emotions.