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Goals: How to Achieve Them


We all have goals in life. Some of them are smaller goals that are obtainable in the near future, and others are long-term goals that we have set for ourselves down the road. Truth be told, having goals is important. They give us a sense of direction, while also giving us something to work towards. Goals are a huge part of personal growth too. Despite all of us having goals, many of us do not achieve all our goals. But we’re not going to let that keep happening. Check out this list of awesome tips on how to achieve your goals.

Set SMART Goals:

You may have already heard about SMART goal setting, but if you haven’t, it’s an acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-based (SMART). SMART goal setting is crucial when it comes to setting and achieving your goals because they help you set realistic goals. Sometimes we tend to set goals that aren’t attainable. Other times, we set goals that we don’t know how to measure. Using the SMART goal setting strategy, in the beginning, is crucial because it will help you set the right goals and understand why you have it as a goal in the first place.

Make it a Habit:

Now that you’ve got your goals set in place, it’s time to start actually working on them. Make it a habit to work on your goal daily. Even if you just set aside 1-2 hours a day on doing something that is going to progress you towards achieving your goals. The trick here is to turn working on your goals into a routine. Eventually, you will psychologically make this into a new habit for yourself, and you’ll begin working on your goals without even knowing it.


No Excuses:

Excuses are a major obstacle in achieving goals. Naturally, as humans, we love to make excuses. We make excuses for a variety of reasons, whether it be to deflect accountability, shift blame, and so on. When it comes to your goals, you cannot make excuses. You must hold yourself accountable that you will not only work on your goals but achieve them too. You will never reach your goals if you keep letting yourself off the hook and making excuses for why you aren’t working on them or why you haven’t achieved them already. If you want to grow, push yourself, form good habits, and achieve your goals, you cannot let yourself fall victim to excuses.

Tell People:

If you’re truly worried about making excuses, start telling people of your goals. Tell a close friend or family member that you’re working on this goal and you don’t want to make excuses. Telling people adds extra accountability to yourself. You don’t want to tell someone you’re going to do something then not do it. You can this person you trust to help hold you accountable or you can tell them because it will put extra pressure on you to achieve your goals. Either way, telling someone about your goals and plan to achieve them is a great way to help.

Track Your Progress:

This is part of the SMART goal-setting strategy. Your goals have to be measurable. This means you have to be able to track the progress you’re making on them and know when you’ve achieved it. When you’re setting your goals, try breaking them down by milestones. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, some milestones could be to reach a certain weight, workout 3 times a week for an entire month, etc. Using milestones will allow you to see the progress you’re making on your goals. It also provides some great additional motivation.


Celebrate Milestones:

Speaking of milestones, don’t forget to celebrate them! Milestones are little wins that are putting you on track to achieving your over-arching goal. You deserve to celebrate the victories you have in life. That is no different when it comes to goals. If you reach a milestone, be sure to reward yourself. Just make sure you don’t celebrate with anything that will push you back a step.