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Tips for Working in a Team

Working in a team isn’t for everyone. Some people prefer to handle things on their own, however, at some point in our lives, we’re bound to work in teams. Truth be told, it’s for the best because working in a team brings out fresh perspectives and a variety of experiences to a project. So what are some tips for getting the most out of a team project?


This should always be the first step when working in a team. A team is guaranteed to end up confused without a clear idea of what the overall goal is. However, after setting up the overarching goal, set up mini-goals (milestones) to make sure the team is on track and making the proper amount of progress on time. Goals provide a clear direction of what needs to be accomplished while setting up a timeline for when it needs to be done.



Everyone on the team needs to know what their role is within the team. Establishing roles makes goals more clear for team members. This allows them to know what they, as an individual need to accomplish while knowing who they may need to work with. Essentially, it highlights what each member will contribute to the team and project. This can also help the team avoid anyone doubling up on the same part of the project.


This is what working in a team is all about, giving everyone a chance to throw in their ideas on how to tackle the project. Leadership in a team is important, however, it needs to be a group effort in the end. Make sure everyone has a chance to speak, offer feedback and criticism so that everyone can feel like a contributing member to the team. If someone feels like their voice doesn’t matter, motivation and productivity will drop, hurting the team overall. A good opportunity to give everyone a voice can be when the team encounters a problem, give everyone a chance to speak on how to solve the problem.


A team’s work environment can be extremely important. Don’t be afraid to step out of the office or conference room. Fresh air can clear the mind and promote creativity. Even going out for lunch or dinner as a team for meetings can help increase team morale and motivation. Getting your team out of a dull or typical workspace may completely change how the team handles the project in general. Keeping your team’s motivation and morale high is detrimental to keeping productivity high.