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Top 10 things to do with your family

top 10 things to do with family tyro blog

10 fun things to do with your family

If you’re anything like me, then you have spent many a night trying to figure out what to do for fun, only to discover that by the time you think of the perfect activity it’s time for the kids to get ready for bed. Ok, so maybe I exaggerated a little about the time it takes to think of something. However, sometimes thinking of the activity takes longer than the actual activity. Then you’re back to square one.

Pinterest is a great resource for finding activities, but most of those ideas require supplies that aren’t typically laying around the house. You might find something that looks great, but no one is dressed or wants to go to the store. So, you end up either doing nothing or switching to social media to see what everyone else is doing with their night.

To help make it easier, below is a list of activities that are sure to make your nights or weekends jam packed with fun.

  1. Build a Fort

    1. I’m sure you can remember, as a kid, grabbing all the bed-sheets in the house to make the best-looking fort. Now, it’s time to take that knowledge and put it to good use. Try building a fort that covers your entire living room. Maybe even include 3 or 4 activities to enhance the experience.
  2. Hide & Seek

    1. This game is one of the oldest in the book and can still be just as much fun as when you were a kid. Add an extra challenge by turning off the lights and using only your phone screen to find other players. You can also go “Ninja Mode” – make a rule that you can move around the house until you are caught.
  3. Cards

    1. Playing cards is a great way to connect and have fun with the family. You can play one of the classics, like Go Fish, or up the ante and use your coin jar or chips to play poker. Get creative with the prizes – the winner gets to keep the money, or if you’re using chips, maybe the winner doesn’t have to do dishes. You can always switch things up to keep players engaged.
  4. Board Games

    1. Make some snacks and dust off the board games… a party is about to start! We all have those old board games in the cupboard that have seen better days. You might even have a game that you haven’t opened yet. So, grab some chips and dip and let the family competition begin.
  5. Act Out A Movie

    1. As great as movie nights are, sitting there for almost two hours isn’t the best way to connect. Grab a movie you have seen (what feels like) a million times and become the actors. Decide which characters everyone will be and try your best to act out each scene. Find things around the house that resemble the props from the movie – like a wooden spoon as a wand or an umbrella as a sword. Use your imagination and have a great time being the hero… or villain.
  6. Paint

    1. Bringing something that lives inside your mind to life is a great accomplishment. Grab some paper, a sheet, or a canvas – and paint. Don’t think, just start painting and see what you create. This is a great opportunity for children to be creative and free to make whatever they want. So, be free and let the colors fly!
  7. Cook a Meal

    1. Put on your apron, roll up your sleeves, and get cooking. Making memories in the kitchen is never a bad idea. Cooking as a family leaves you with than just a full stomach. It cultivates team work and establishes a clear goal for everyone to work towards. Also, since the goal is a finished meal, the satisfaction of completing this goal is even sweeter, since it doesn’t get much better than a home cooked meal.
  8. Make a Volcano

    1. Discovering what happens when you add one thing to another brings a sense of excitement and awe. Making a volcano is a fun way to see what happens when you mix certain things together. All you need is an empty water or soda bottle, food coloring, dish soap, and vinegar. Steps: Fill the bottle with warm water (leaving just a few centimeters of air), add a few drops of food coloring (for fun), add 6 drops of dish soap, add two tablespoons of baking soda, then add ¼ cup of vinegar (this will cause the liquid to “explode” so have a towel underneath). Click the link for complete instructions. Source:
  9. Fly a Kite

    1. Fresh air is great for your health and kite-flying keeps you feeling young. Flying kites is fun for all ages but trying to do sweet tricks is something entirely different. If you want to be the coolest person at the park, then kite tricks are the way to go J! But for real… flying kites can be boring if all you know how to do is let it glide around in the same spot. So, here is a video to help you step up your kite flying game: Watch it here.
  10. Go for a Walk

    1. Getting outside to see the beauty of nature or your city is a fun way to get some exercise. Taking a walk with your family, friends, or even by yourself helps relieve stress and helps give your brain a break from life. It’s good to reset sometimes.


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