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A Life of Fortitude

life of fortitude

The reality of life is that we all must face challenging seasons. Whether they are big or small, trauma and hardship has the potential to sidetrack your life and affect every other area of your life. Although it is important to allow yourself time to overcome hardship, developing a lifestyle of resiliency will allow you to overcome the next curveball life will throw at you. Here are a few ways to start developing resilience in your life. 

Reset Your Priorities – When we fail, how often do we change our goals instead of our priorities? Failure to accomplish a goal often leaves many people discouraged, wanting to give up on their goals altogether. Instead, it is helpful to reexamine your goals and set some priorities in order to accomplish your goals. 

For example, if you are looking to get out of debt, you may choose to change your spending habits and set up automatic deposits into your savings account. These priorities can be thought of as guide ramps to help you accomplish your goals. Resetting one’s priorities will help create a renewed sense of direction for your life. 


life of fortitude

Find Wins For Each Day – One of the best ways to rebuild a resilient lifestyle is to set small, achievable goals. The goals can vary from hitting personal goals, to overcoming bad habits. Using a notepad or calendar is a great way to put these goals in front of yourself every day. As you begin to form new habits, you will gain a new sense of accomplishment, forming a more resilient lifestyle. 


Discover Your Value System – In challenging times, it is crucial to center yourself. A value system consists of your moral compass that guides you through life. Your value system will affect how you will react to the challenging moments in life. 

Self Awareness – Learning to become self-aware is one of the most important ways to live a life of fortitude. When we are aware of the world around us, we can begin to turn the page on the things we want to change about our lives, from changing things in our lifestyle, to moving past a traumatic event in life.

Learn From Your Past – As you consider the most challenging moments in your life, think of how it changed you. Some people find themselves seemingly stuck in time, unable to overcome the trauma of their past. 

Fortitude is the formation of one’s personal moral code. It’s the guts to overcome hardship and trials that everyone faces throughout life. As you look to develop fortitude in your life, consider ways you can implement new patterns to give you the strength to withstand the next wave of adversity you will face in your life.