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Create your Creative Space

For most people, finding time to think creatively is too elaborate a thought to conceive. Regardless of your occupation, personality, or temperament, we all benefit from creative thoughts. When we deprive ourselves from creative thinking, we cal lose sight of the vision for what we're doing. As an American, I am surrounded by creative people,…

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Smart Working

If you are like me, you are reading this while attempting to do seven other things, hoping to gain valuable ground you lost at some other point in the day; all the while praying you will unearth some precious gem that will help you become radically successful. The reality is, we are all busy, or…

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communication tips TYRO Success

Communication Tips

Regardless of where you are in the business food-chain, effective communication can be a struggle. We all have heard a co-worker or business partner express frustration over someone not being transparent, authentic, or even vulnerable. In fact, most of the complaints heard on the factory floor, in the cubicle next to you, in board meetings,…

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How to Repair a relationship

Some years ago, a therapist named Susan, who had four decades of experience, confessed that she felt more like a divorce facilitator than a couples’ counselor because, for 90% of the couples she saw, it was already too late. She explained that she was the last stop, not the first, and that by the time…

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Leading Meetings

How to Lead a Meeting that Doesn’t Suck “Honey, cancel our dinner plans. I just got invited to a work meeting, and I really want to go to it,” said no one ever.  According to Inc. Magazine, 46% of working Americans would rather endure an unpleasant activity, like a root canal or a move to…

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Feeling stressed tyro blog

Feeling Stressed?

Feeling Stressed? Try these six tips to increase your workplace productivity. We’ve all been there. You start the week with high ideals and Wednesday rolls around only to discover you only have a fraction completed of what you set out to accomplish. We are oftentimes too stressed to feel productive. In fact, 83% of U.S.…

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Do I Have To?

How do you feel about Mondays? Asking yourself this one question could reshape the way you view your world. Mondays can be seen as a dreadful thing or a chance to accomplish much.  To some, Mondays are evil harbingers, foreshadowing a week of missed emails, unnecessary meetings, and stressful encounters. Yet to others, Mondays provide…

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Relationship Conflict

Relationship Conflict is Inevitable: What Are You Going to Do With It? "No relationship is perfect – because there is no such thing as perfect." But as Ron and Cathy Tijerina are quick to point out, “A relationship can be permanent.” Let’s face it, every relationship has conflict. It’s unavoidable. Being physically separated from your partner…

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prison visiting rules tyro blog

Prison Visiting Rules

Prison visiting rules Visiting someone in prison can be super stressful if you are not prepared, but it can be a good time to connect and grow together if you ARE prepared. So, let’s make sure you are prepared to get through the gates and into your husband’s arms! First, what you wear matters. It matters…

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Single Parent Tips

For some time now, emotional intelligence has been a popular term floating around the internet.. in classrooms, and at the water cooler. But, is this just a passing fad or is there really more to it? According to The Gottman Institute (The Institute), “A particularly powerful study tested school-aged children on self-control and conducted follow-up…

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