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Spending Quality Time with your Kids


Having a child is one of the best feelings in the world. Sure, there are tons of stressful times and parenting will always have its challenges. After all, you’re dealing with a tiny little human who is just starting to be exposed to the world. One of the greatest parts of being a parent is getting to spend quality time with your kids. However, as adults, finding ways to do this can be a challenge. Whether it’s finding enough time for some quality bonding or it’s finding the extra money to go do something exciting with your kids, quality time doesn’t always come easy. But fear not, we have compiled this list of awesome, and inexpensive, ways to spend quality time with your kids.

Have a Daily Connect:

No matter how busy you may be, or a limited budget you have, you want to make sure you connect with your kids at some point throughout the day. As they get older, it’s a little more challenging, that’s why it’s important to start doing this at a younger age. This can be for any allotted amount of time, but having a daily connect is extremely beneficial for you and your child. This is a time for you to check in on your child, see how their day went, and just talk. Even if they’re really young, it’s a good way of showing your child what having a loving parent is like from an early age on. Set aside some time every day to connect with your kids and see how they’re doing.


Go Outdoors:

You know the one thing that doesn’t cost money to do? Just being outside. You don’t have to go anywhere particular, you don’t even have to leave your property, you can just walk outside and sit in the grass or on a bench. If you have a park or some local trails you can go walk, try taking your child there. Just being outside is a great way to improve your own mental health while giving your kids things to do away from the TV or screens in general. Keep yourself and your child connected with nature.


Children seldom enjoy doing chores. The same can said for most of us adults. However, having your children start helping you with household chores young can make them get in the routine of helping clean up around the house and after themselves. It’s also a great way to spend time with them while also being productive. You can even add in little rewards for your kids if they help you complete all the chores you need done. Who knows, maybe they’ll even enjoy doing chores in the future.


Every child needs some playtime. Even we adults tend to have our own version of playtime. The best part about playtime is that it comes in many shapes and sizes. You can have playtime inside or outside. It also depends heavily on the ages of your children. Try out some of these activities below with your child for some awesome inexpensive fun:

  • Build a pillow/blanket fort
  • Have a movie marathon
  • Pillow fight
  • Sports
  • Draw together
  • Build something with Legos or similar blocks
  • Board games
  • Card games
  • Read a story together