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Christmas in Prison

Christmas in Prison tyro blog

Christmas in prison

Finding a gift for a someone in prison is a challenge because of all of the rules you must follow.

christmas in prison tyro blogThe best gift for a prisoner is something they cannot get in the prison commissary. Helping your loved one celebrate Christmas in prison is a great way to stay connected and bring the family together. These things would include items they can receive in a food box, Sundry box, a TV, CD player, or a music player (similar to an ipod) Each state has different rules about how boxes may be sent to the men and women in prison.

Ohio has 3 vendors you must order items from to be shipped directly to the prison. Friends and family must use them to send anything more than a letter directly to an inmate in Ohio (Union Supply Direct – Ohio, Access Secure Peak, ODRC General Mail ). Ordering through the websites of these vendors is like shopping online. You can compare their prices, watch for sales, order, and pay all online. Then, the vendor ships the items directly to the prison. There are size and weight limits, but all of those are managed by the vendor.

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Christmas is just around the corner!

Receiving a package during December helps your loved one in prison feel a part of the holiday and reminds them that they are not forgotten. If your husband is not eligible to receive a food box, sundry box (clothing, books, towels, etc.), then scheduling a “surprise” visit is another great gift to give him. If you have children, bring the kids and dress up in the holiday spirit. Bring extra money and build a feast together from the vending machine food! Play a holiday game together (ex: name all of the reindeer the fastest, list as many Christmas movies or Christmas carols as you can in 10 seconds, or any other silly, fun game) or read the Christmas story together.

christmas with a loved one in prisonEven if you can send a package, still try to find time for a special Christmas in prison visit together. And last, but not least, send Christmas cards. Find or make a Christmas card that represents your special family Christmas memories or traditions and send it. Also, have your children make cards for their daddy. I would even encourage you to ask your friends and family to send cards.

Packages, visits, and cards are all great ways to let your loved ones know you care and are thinking of them during the holiday season. Staying connected during Christmas also helps you and your children remember the most important thing we have is each other—not the presents, but our presence in each other’s lives.

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I am rooting for you!



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