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How to Find your Passion


“What is your passion?” Odds are, you’ve heard this question at some point in your life. To some of us, it’s an easy question that we know the answer to right away. For others, it can actually be quite a stressful question. Despite the stress, it may cause to find the answer, it’s a good answer to have. Not only can it provide an interesting conversation with others, but it can also help set focus for your future. Try out some of the following tips to find out what you’re truly passionate about.

Try New Things:

We often spend a lot of time talking about things we would love to go do. Well, it’s time to set that plan into motion. If there is something you’ve been really wanting to try or do, stop talking about how much you would love to do it and actually go do it. It’s too easy for us to talk ourselves out of trying something or coming up with excuses for why we can’t. Find the next available time you can make it happen, then make it happen. The more things you try, the more likely you are to find something you really enjoy doing



So maybe you’re really drawing a blank when it comes to figuring out what your passion is. Well, try writing out a bunch of things you enjoy doing. It can be anything you can think of it. Sometimes it just helps to physically list the things you like spending your time doing. You can also combine this tip with the “trying new things” tip as well. Maybe make a list of all the things you’ve really wanted to do. Then you can start setting aside time to trying those things.

Tune Out the Noise:

Realistically, this applies to more than just finding your passion. Learning how to tune out the noise of those who put out negative energy in your life. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing in life, you’re bound to run into people who will tell you you’re crazy, tell you that you can’t do something, or that you’re taking too big of a risk. While it’s good to have people who are realistic with you, it’s equally as important to have people who push you towards your dreams and help you achieve them. As they say, “block out the haters.”

Ask Yourself the Right Questions:

This tip was saved for last because it is hands down the most important one. When it comes to finding your passion, you have to ask yourself the right questions. One of the best questions to first ask yourself is, “What do I enjoy doing?” Now, if you can’t really answer this right now, that’s okay, move along to the next question. However, if you are able to list the things you enjoy doing, the next step is to research ways you can make money doing these things. A good question to ask yourself to find out what you enjoy doing is, “What do I talk about the most?” What are things you find yourself constantly talking about to friends? Is it fitness? Being a mother? Sports? Music? If that still isn’t helping you find the answer, take a look around at your bookshelf, or your search history. What are the things you spend the most time reading about? You can also try asking others what they’re passionate about. At the very least, it could help you find some new things you may want to try.