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How to Support a Loved One in Prison

supporting a loved one in prison

When a loved one goes to prison, it will dramatically change your family’s lives. While it will no doubt impact your life profoundly, this new season will also affect every area of their life. There are ways to not only support your loved one, but empower them to stay strong and keep your family intact.

Send Gifts – While there are limitations to what your loved one may receive in prison, there are still many opportunities to offer gifts to them. For example, essential clothes, money for music or snacks, books or other resources all make great gifts. There are also certain things you can give such as letters. Read this article for more information on gifts to send


Stay in Touch – One of the best ways to support your loved one in prison is to stay connected. From family visits, to phone and video calls, there are many opportunities to keep in contact. Find a time of the week that you can make a weekly phone call and stick to it.  

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Send Books – One of the best ways to show your loved one that you are thinking about them is to buy them a book. It is not only a great way to show them that you care about them, but it can be an empowering thing as well. Here are a list of some of our favorite books to send

Plan a Family Visit –  In-person visits are one of the best ways to stay in touch. As nearly every state and facility offers in-person family visits, it is a chance for your family to see each other, share a meal together, play games, read a book together and share your heart. 

Don’t Forget Small Talk – With all that your partner is going through in prison, it may seem trivial to talk about the daily goings on in your family’s life. Nothing could be further from the truth. More than ever, your loved one needs to hear what is going on in the outside world. This will not only help you stay connected, it will help keep your loved one grounded and focused on their re-entry. 

Create New Family Routines – No doubt your family’s traditions and culture will be affected by a loved one going to prison. It is important to discover new ways to connect as a family. From family visits to weekly video or phone calls, creating new memories can be the glue that keeps your family connected and strong in this incredibly challenging season. 

Your family will need each other now more than ever. By carving out time, giving thoughtful gifts, and providing emotional support, you can help your family thrive in this challenging time. As you work to keep your family together, take time to consider ways to show your support to your loved one in prison.