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Its All Who You Know

its all who you know blog post

We have all heard the saying, “It isn’t what you know; it is who you know.”

tyro leadership blog creating your networkIf you are like me, you imagined people connected to powerful politicians, wealthy individuals, and business owners having it easy because they knew somebody.

I have learned what is true and what is not true about that picture! It is true, oh so true! Who you know makes a powerful impact on your life. It is not true that influencers are only those who have power and money. That idea limits our ability to value the important relationships we have in our life; relationships that can help us become successful.

When we believe that we can only benefit from being connected to “powerful” people, we also believe that others who have become successful only did so because they had connections to rich people.  That just isn’t true.  There is a big difference between a powerful person and a rich person.  Someone many be a very powerful influence in the lives of others and yet have very few resources.  In the same way, there are many who have a lot of money but lack being “powerful” as I define it.  To me, “powerful” people are those who change their world. They change it by making others better, by contributing their time, gifts, and talents to make the world a better place.  They help others see and reach their potential.

I can think of many people in my life that made me better.

I watched how they lived, listened to how they made their decisions, and asked for their advice.  They were powerful people because they did the right thing; even when doing the right thing caused them more pain or trouble.  These powerful people believed in my before I believed in myself.

Who we know, who we let into our lives, and who we let influence our decisions can lead us to success or failure.  If we are only chasing people with stuff—titles, money, influence—we are missing the sure way to become successful.  Success isn’t about how much money you make, what functions you receive invitations to, or where you live.  It is about being the best you possible.

Success comes from investing your time and energy into relationships that grow you.

tyuro leadership blog its all about who you know

Either you are helping someone become better (and becoming better yourself because of that), or someone is helping you become better.  If you are ignoring the wealth of wisdom and expertise currently surrounding you, you will never recognize it in another circle.  Look around you!  Invest more time to learn from who is right next to you. And if you find that you are in a circle of people who are pulling you down and keeping you from dreaming, it is time to look for another circle.  Who is missing in your life? A mentor, a pastor, a friend? Find them, and invest your time in those relationships.

Our most limited resource is our time.

If we give it away frivolously waiting for that “VIP” to bump into us, we will never achieve anything.  If we purposely spend time with people who challenge us to become better and those we can influence to become better, we will stay on the path to reach our dreams.

It sounds easy, but I know it is not.  You will need to take a close look at who is in your life that is influencing your way of thinking.  If every time you see “Sally,” you walk away feeling drained, frustrated, and more offended; you need to limit your time with Sally!  If “Lucy” inspires you to think differently about challenges, empowers you, and leaves you feeling confident and strong, spend more time with your friend, Lucy.

As you invest your time and energy into relationships, you will find that your gratefulness and satisfaction with your life is directly tied to who you are spending time with.  It really is “who you know” that contributes to your success.  Take a moment and think about who you need to spend more time with, and make a plan to do it.  Your future is waiting for you.  Go get it!


I am rooting for you!