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Overcoming Anxiety

overcoming anxiety

We have all experienced stressful seasons throughout our lives.  Stress comes with the territory. Stress, although normal, can lead to anxiety – a powerful hindrance in our lives if left unchecked.

The reality is that 3 in 10 Americans will go through a season of heightened anxiety. Whether this season be short, or prolonged, this fear can often leave one debilitated, unable to function as normal life. If you are reading this, hoping for good news, then you are in luck. There are many healthy and effective ways to manage anxiety in your life. So pick up a pen and paper and prepare to start living a less stressed life today. 

Exercise – For many, exercise may seem like a stressful activity, or at least far from a relief. The reality is that exercise is good for your entire body, bringing health to your brain, organs, muscles, and overall wellness. As you develop an exercise routine, you will very quickly notice that it is a natural stress reducer. 


Sleep – Sleep deprivation is a very common factor to stress. In our busy schedules, it can be tempting to take away your sleep time in order to cram more things into our waking hours. Make an extra effort to practice healthy sleeping patterns that allow for sufficient rest, rest enough to reset your body for the coming day.

overcoming anxiety by sleeping



Detox – Many people manage stress by eating, drinking or taking substances. Detoxing your body from unhealthy foods is another way to help your body cope with stress in a healthy way. Exercise also serves as a reset for your organs.

thwhich can store up stress in your body and is forced to release it through the form of a detox.  

Journal – Journaling your dreams, hopes, fears and passing thoughts can be a healthy way to keep track of your emotions. This will further help you identify recurring stress points in your life that may be causing your anxiety. 

Relax more – from meditation techniques, to short naps, and intentional quiet time. Making an effort to de-stress will pay untold dividends in your life. 

Connect with others – Now, I know that I just told you to relax more, and socializing may be the last thing some people may want to do. But life is meant to be shared with others. Connecting with others can be a healthy way to not only cope with anxiety, but also develop relationships with people who can help you navigate life’s ups and downs. Don’t let your fears shut out the people who care about you the most. 

Anxiety might feel like a dark cloud hovering over you, the nagging fear of the future or visceral concerns over the world around you. But you can overcome it. Don’t allow anxiety to win the day. We hope, with the help of these practical tips, you can overcome your fears. For more resources on becoming the best person you can be, check out our website at 

We are always rooting for you!