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How to Stay Connected with your Family from Prison


It’s no secret that staying connected with your family while in prison can be quite difficult. Honestly, it can be challenging even when you’re on the outside. So what are some good ways to keep your family unified while you serve your time?


Just as it is with all things relating to healthy relationships, communication reigns supreme. Letters offer a great way to stay in contact with your family while giving you the chance to remind your family how much you love and miss them. Talk about your feelings for them, what’s going on in your life, and that they’re always on your mind.



Letters, e-mails, and phone calls are all great, but nothing can being physically getting to see your family in person. This is where you have the chance for your family to update you on what’s going on in their lives while having the time together in person. Ask your family tons of questions about them, show them that you want to know what is happening in their life. While prisons will have restrictions on the amount of physical contact you can have during visits, a visit is still a great chance to feel the touch of your family and remind why it’s important you become a leader worth following.


When you get the chance to talk to your family, ask them about some of their favorite books, songs, movies, or TV shows. By doing this, you get a chance to stay connected with your family through shared interests. When you are given the opportunity, you can read a book they recommended, listen to a song that your kids love, and so on. You can even ask your family for pictures for you to hold onto and look at when you’re missing them the most. All of these things can act as a reminder of your people back home and help you stay connected in ways other than direct communication. They might even give you something else to talk about the next time you’re talking to them.

It’s very important, some might say crucial, to stay connected with your family while you’re in prison. It allows you to not only have a strong support system to lean on while you’re in prison, but it gives you a strong support system for when you get out of prison. They will help you stay mentally strong throughout your sentence and will help you re-integrate yourself into the world upon your release. You need them and they need you, remember that.

Stay strong, you’ve got this!