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Useful Tips for Being Single


Maybe your boyfriend just broke up with you last week or you have never had a boyfriend before, but being single can have its challenges. Singleness can be a topic that a lot of people struggle with or it can be a season that they really enjoy. 

A season of singleness gives you time to work on yourself. It gives you time to heal from previous relationships, a time to focus on the goals and affirmations that you want to accomplish in life. Remember that being single does not mean that you are alone. You are loved so much by your friends and family. If you are new to being single or are just struggling with being single, here are some insights and tips on how to be content in this season. 


Journaling can be a great method of clearing your mind. Whatever emotions you are feeling, it is great to write them down all on paper. Find a journal that you like and write in it every day, just to clear your head. Even if it is just a journal entry including what you did that specific day, it is a time in your life to reflect on years later. 


Instead of spending your time in bed, worrying about why you’re single, get up and move your body. Exercise is a sign of personal growth, but it also helps your mental health as well. Go to the gym and join a workout class. Spending just a few minutes each day working out will make you grow into a stronger person. 

If you need some simple beginner exercises, check out our new TYRO program, STHENOS. If you are just starting out, start with just 30 min of exercise each day even if you are just walking or going on a jog. Any kind of exercise helps. 

Spend time with friends/family:

It is important to invest in the people who love you the most. When people are in relationships, time goes fast and life gets super busy. We do not always have time to spend with our friends. When you’re single, you have a little more time than usual, make it a point to reach out to an old friend. Go get a coffee, make a phone call, or just have a conversation and catch up on life. 

Get out of your comfort zone:

Find something you’re passionate about and start a new hobby. When you are constantly thinking about your past or having all of these emotions in your mind, it is important to engage in activities that will put you out of your comfort zone. An example of this is taking a solo trip. Go someplace alone where you can just spend the day by yourself. Traveling by yourself will provide you with so many different opportunities including gaining independence, confidence, and having more time for yourself. 

Work on personal growth:

When you are feeling alone, it is normal to feel that way. However, it is important to realize that you do not have to feel that way all the time. There are ways to prevent feeling lonely. You can work on your personal life by accomplishing the life that you want to create.