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The Power of your Word

your word

One of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal is your word. Many things in life can be out of your control, but one thing you will always have control over is your word. The problem that many people face is not knowing just how powerful their word can really be, but your word is everything. Your word is how you communicate, how you express your feelings, what you’re thinking, and so on. Who you really are, is shown through your word. So how can you use the power of your word for good?

Understand the power:

As mentioned above, the power your word has is incredible. Your word can have powerful impacts on others and yourself. You can use your word for good and help others and yourself feel better. However, like all powerful things, your word can be used for evil. You can put yourself and others down with your word. Your word can plant a seed in someone’s mind by making one simple comment towards them. You can tell someone they’re smart and beautiful and they’ll grow up believing that they are smart and beautiful. Just like you can tell someone they are stupid and ugly and they’ll grow up believing they are stupid and ugly. You can do the same thing by telling yourself these same things. Your word is powerful.

your word

Don’t put others down:

Don’t use your word for evil. If you use your word to insult others or to gossip about them, not only are you putting someone else down, but you’re putting yourself down too. You’re spreading poison and creating hate. When you put someone down, they tend to treat you with disdain. When you create disdain towards yourself, you’re creating unnecessary hate towards yourself, and any hate towards you is bad for you.

Be truthful:

Lies are like poison. When you spread a lie, you’re spreading poison into other people’s minds. You’re trying to get them to agree with your point of view or with your opinion. You want others to believe you and think you’re right. But what difference does it make if someone thinks you’re right if you know you’re wrong? Instead, use your word in a truthful manner. Don’t spread rumors, gossip, lie, etc. to others because you’re hurting your own credibility. Once someone finds out you’re lying, you’ve created a label for yourself. You’re now a liar and that is how others will view and treat you.

Spread love:

Spread love with your word. Not only to others but to yourself too. Remind yourself how awesome and great you think you are. Tell yourself how much you love who you are. The more you love yourself, the more capable you will be of truly loving others. Don’t use your word against yourself or anyone else. Use it to spark happiness within yourself and those around you. Using your word against yourself is perhaps the biggest mistake you can make with your word. Putting yourself down will only make you want to bring others down with you. Instead, use your word for love, not hate. Use it to tell everyone you care for, yourself included, just how great you think they are.

Love more, hate less.